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Fanfiction Appreciation Week: Day 4

First, I am a horrible decision maker. So, I’m going to try to do some grouped fic shout-outs. This is the first one. These are some beautifully written lines from various Everlark fics and they all gave me feels in one way or another.

It warms inside her, this feeling, so sure, so instinctive, as if it had never not been inside her, so very much a part of her heart: real, overwhelming, fiercelove. She won’t ever let anyone touch this baby, this perfect, precious new life, completely untainted, her baby.”

—-The Sun is Gonna Shine by monroeslittle

I’m a mom and this resonated. The whole fic did. I felt the character growth and the strength of their relationship.

“But I know how love operates; it chooses the improbable and makes you beg, plead, beseech. It’s powerful enough to exhibit your best qualities, yet treacherous enough to bring out the worst in you. Love invokes the very core and essence of you, and dissects it from the inside out, leaving us with nothing. It is pain.”

—-For You To Notice Me by tigers24

Brilliantly written and truthful/relatable.

“I’ve always been a spectator of our kisses”

“This is not the kind of purity I’m concerned about. I’ve seen and done things I’ll never forget, and until tonight I’ve never wondered how much they would affect my soul.”

“I think once again, you’re so beautiful” and “I look into his eyes and he looks into mine, and our breaths mingle, our kisses last forever, and I think, so this is what love feels like.”

—-The Night of the Dandelion by LittlePlasticCastle

Loved the descriptions in this oneshot and the natural progression between Peeta and Katniss. The spectator line is great because I think it perfectly sums up Katniss’ experience in being forced into being one of the star-crossed lovers of District 12. The purity line also seems very appropriate to her character. And the last quotes…just her realization…that fluffy cloud of happiness when you get that you are experiencing real love and it is amazing.

“When I see you. I know now. I know I love you.”


She laughed through her tears. “I will not lie to you!”

He grinned. “I love you.”

“That I know,” she told him. “You are obvious.”

He laughed with embarrassment. “You think I’m silly, with all my romance.”

“No, just very American,” she said honestly. “It’s all like the cinema for you,” she teased. She put her hand over his. “But my love is not big or expensive with bright lights and fast cars. My love is…” she looked out over the night blanketing the city and thought. “My love is the night air. The moon hanging over the city. A mother rocking her child to sleep.” She looked back to him. “My love is the things that are, as they always will be. You need not imagine them to be anything grander than that which is.”

He rested his head on her shoulder. “I don’t think I ever lived before I met you.”

“You did,” she smiled, folding his laptop shut. “I did. But now we live as we should be. Together.” She paused. “She will be with us in that space.”

He watched the blinking light of a bicycle headlight wind through a street, the frame clattering on the uneven road. “I want children with you.”

“I know. In time,” she said sadly.

“I will wait forever,” he promised.

“That’s a long time to wait.” He heard the hope in her voice.

“I’d wait longer for you,” he whispered.

“I know,” she whispered back. “You’re obvious.”

—-Desert Blossom by DustWriter

This entire fic is breathtaking really. I like this little excerpt because it’s a very special moment for their relationship and its future but, while it is emotional, they are also playful with each other, which is resiliance at its finest given what they’ve been through. Also, I really appreciate the way that Katniss explains her love. Reading it just makes you sit back and say “wow” and feel warm and touched. I’ll just also add that every single fic DustWriter has put out into the universe is a thing of beauty. Read them all. :)

This list is in no way all-inclusive…because I could go on and on and on and on. But real life kind of makes that impossible. :) So, please know that if I have ever left a kudos, favorited or followed you and/or your story, or (if I’ve been as awesome as I should be) have left a review, then you have written words that have touched me in some way too. There are so many awesome writers within this fandom. Truly. I sit back mesmerized by everyone’s talent all of the time. And I’m going to try to do this whole quoting and props thing more often and in realtime on here because so many more folks deserved to be recognized. Much love and gratitude, writers!

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